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The New Greener Mac Mini

Apple had just released what their claiming to be the most energy efficient desktop PC in the world. The new green Mac Mini uses 45% less energy at idle than it’s predecessor using just 13 Watts per hour. Apple are also touting the following green PC stats: FR-free PVC-free (internal cables) Highly recyclable aluminium and [...]

Jon Dee and Bayer-UNEP begin search for Australia’s “eco” students

Australian university students with something “eco” on their minds are being asked to step forward with their ideas on sustainable energy solutions for the 2009 Bayer-UNEP Eco-Minds Forum, and be in with a chance to represent Australia at an International Forum in Auckland, New Zealand. In partnership with the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), the [...]

Ripple Products – Innovative Water Saving Products

It’s great to see businesses tackle environmental issues in new and innovative ways.  Ripple Products manages to combine form and function with their array of water saving products. Ripple specialising in products that align themselves with educational and environmental messages. The range of products available from Ripple Products includes various styles of Digital Shower Timers, [...]

Desalination verses Rain Water Tanks

In this day and age of environmental awareness I find it difficult to swallow the Vicrtorian governments conviction that large scale desalination plants are the best solution to our water crisis.  Converting salt water to fresh water by means of a desalination plant plant is a highly inefficient way of creating fresh water. High energy [...]

Australian Water Tank Directory

We recently launched Australia’s fist Rain Water Tanks Directory website.  The Water Tanks Directory currently list water tank suppliers in most major Australian capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. If you’re looking to install a rain water tank in your home, check out the water tank directory for your nearest rain water tank [...]

Australian Green Web Hosting

It’s good to see an Australian wesbsite hosting services catching on to green website hosting. Digital pacific is offering green website hosting in Australia (aff). Everything that Digital Pacific uses in the operations of our business, including servers, routers and air conditioners are eco powered so not only are you hosting your website on state [...]

Desalination vs water tanks in Victoria

The Age reports of an ongoing tug of war within the Victorian State Governments on the viability of desalination plants verses rainwater tanks.  The Age mentions they have obtained a report by by University of Melbourne systems scientist and microbiologist Peter Coombs which appear to challenge the Government’s big-project desalination direction. In one report Peter [...]

Water Tanks – Are they cost effective?

A study initiated by the National Water Commission analysed the cost-effectiveness of installing a rain water tank from the perspective of the home owner in different regions of Australia.  The study investigates how cost effective rain water tanks are as a substitute for mains water supply. The report highlights that the yield and the cost [...]