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How Old Industrial Sites Can Still Cause Neighborhood Problems

You would never knowingly build your house on an open landfill. However, thousands of homes, schools, playgrounds and other developments have been built on the equivalent of landfills. In past decades, industries that closed down would simply move away, with little thought of the waste they left behind. Unwitting homeowners and municipalities built structures on [...]

A Green Economy

The last decade has seen a surge in all things eco-friendly. More people are consistently recycling, buying organic food, driving hybrid cars, and trying to live more self-sustainably. When this trend first started, the few who were actively practicing an earth friendly approach were not taken seriously and their concerns were brushed off. Resources were [...]

Five Awesome Eco-Friendly Green Roofs From Across The World

Green roofing systems are an increasingly popular eco-friendly roofing solution used on domestic and commercial properties across the globe. In addition to providing property owners with a host of environmental and cost saving benefits, they can also demonstrate an innovative use of design and architecture. With this in mind, we’ve got five awesome eco-friendly green [...]

Running a Greener Office

Even a small four-person business can incur a serious carbon footprint, along with a large utility bill. Running your business efficiently means cutting unnecessary costs, which offices and businesses are famous for harboring. Twenty-five years ago offices not only operated very differently, they had different resource needs than most modern work environments. Paper, electronics, furniture [...]